One Game A Month: February

Yak Simulator HD

For February, I didn't want to get caught up in making something super ambitious. At the time of writing, I have a final game project that to finish by mid-March, so I'm focusing more of my time and effort towards that. Since we're making said final project in Construct 3 - an engine I have zero experience using - I decided to remake an old game of mine as a sort of warmup. I ended up remaking Yak Simulator: a game I made 4 years ago for a similar One Game A Month challenge (that I didn't end up finishing, hhhhh we'll see how this one goes). Overall, I'm happy with the results. If nothing else it's neat to see how my style, ability, and design choices have changed over the last few years; and how I can take a game that took me about a week to make in an engine I was familiar with and remake it in a completely foreign engine in a day. :)