One Game A Month: January

I Will Be Your Eyes And Hands

January got off to a rocky start to say the least! Between getting sick, having loads of homework / work work, and lacking motivation, it was hard to get anything done. At first, I started on a project in Game Maker where you climb up a building and throw wrenches at people. It got to a state where it was *technically* playable, but it wasn't much fun and I was sorta unhappy with it. I ended up making a Twine game for a class project, and this one I'm actually really happy with. It's a short, dystopian "slice of life" piece about working a menial job until you die, I guess? I used a modified version of my custom Twine theme for Straight Walk Home, so that's sort of a teaser for what that will look like when I finish it ;p. Anyways, I made this game over the course of about a week, spending 3ish days on development and the rest on proofreading, playtesting, and bugfixing. It's only 5-ish minutes, but it's a good exercise for me to learn not to attempt to cram a huge amount of features into a game that I only have a month to make. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and I'm looking forward to making something different in February!