One Game A Month: March


Snungeon is the final game project that I mentioned in February's post! For this project, I collaborated with the lovely Ardent Eliot Reinhard and Cecil Choi! I'm really happy with how the game turned out, considering that we had 2 weeks to work and were required to use Construct 3's free version. The strict limits made me very wary of coding myself into a corner and running out of events before the game's core features were in place. I spent more time planning out the game's scope then I usually do, and I think that was a really helpful excercise for me. In the past, I tended to just start projects without any forethought, working and adding features as I went. This led to a lot of messy code, half-finished games, and feature creep. With Snungeon, I planned out the minimum viable product, then focused on finishing that before adding any additional features. This is probably pretty duh to most game designers, but it's always something I've struggled with. We're officially 25% of the way through 2019 (and wow does that feel surreal), and I'm feeling good about the rest of the year! We'll see what exactly my next project will be ;p